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On The Sixth Day Buddha Saw We Succeeded

Day 1:
12 November 2012
Naya Pul to Tikheddunga
1,070m to 1,540m

Key words:
* food poisoning, thanks to the food on road from Kathmandu to Pokhara
* easy first day, but I hated every minute of it
* amazing little brother, who carried my daypack and stopped every so often to provide me with water


Day 2:
13 November 2012
Tikheddunga to Ghorepani
1,540m to 2,860m

* up we go 1,300m
* more steps than one can count
* encouragement, encouragement, encouragement (for me)
* “What do you mean, this is it already?” (for Anton)


Day 3:
14 November 2012
Ghorepani to Tadapani via Poonhill
2,860m to 2,630m

* sunrise at Poonhill
* steep grounds, but all you think of is putting one foot in front of the other to get up that bloody, flipping, freaking hill (it’s only called a mountain if it’s over 6,000m)
* I was able to have a proper meal!



Day 4:
14 November 2012
Tadapani to Sinuwa
2,630m to 2,360m

* Nepali flat, meaning updownupdownupdownupdown ending at more or less the same altitude as you started
* losing three of our members (Stephanie, our German companion, did a shorter route than us – she took a porter and a guide with her)
* water bottle ban area: plastic (bottles) are no longer allowed


Day 5:
16 November 2012
Sinuwa to Deurali
2,360m to 3,230m

* hard hard hard
* tomorrow we’ll be there!


Day 6:
17 November 2012
Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)
3,230m to 4,130m

* mountain tiger also known as my little brother had no problems at all and was running up the mountain
* I had a little more trouble, mainly with the altitude (real danger of altitude sickness occurs over 4,000m)

Day 7:
18 November 2012
ABC to Sinuwa
4,130m to 2,360m

* the way up and down is one and the same (after lunch on day 4 we knew we had to go back the way we came)
* now I know why the last day and a half were so hard: climbing over tree roots, rock, bigger rocks and huge rocks

Day 8:
19 November 2012
Sinuwa to New Bridge
2,360m to 1,340m

* new route after lunch
* adventure – cutting our root up the shitty shit stairs short by 40 min


Day 9:
20 November 2012
New Bridge to Pokhara
1,340m to 900m

* last part is always the hard part – in this particular case especially for our porters
* Pokhara was like heaven on earth when we got here from Kathmandu, but is so noisy compared to the mountains (which for most part is in accessable to sny type of motorized vehicle, and also most animals allowed the further up you go)



10 thoughts on “On The Sixth Day Buddha Saw We Succeeded

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  2. pitty we missed your phonecall
    next time better
    it is hard to klive that high under strange circumstances but good for you both you stayed alive a vived

    luc etc enz

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