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Highlights Of India – Part II

In my previous blog, I told you what happened day-by-day. Now the second part of our Highlights Of India Tour went differently. We didn’t go to a new city everyday, we didn’t experience something completely new and unexpected. So there is no need for me to bore you with the details of the hours we spent on the beach, sunbathing, doing nothing, followed by partying, having cocktails and being crazy. Darn, what a hard life.


After the brothers arrived, we went straight to sunny Anjuna in the north of Goa. We found a wonderful location and made it our base. We rented scooters and drove around: to the beach, to the shop, to the restaurant, to the party. We really needed this after Nepal; some sun and heath and vacation time. Unfortunately, this also resulted in the worst sunburn of my life. About 10 days later, I am still not fully recovered. Oh, and my scooter was stolen.


After five days of general craziness and awesomeness, we took a taxi to the south of Goa, Palolem beach, where we spent another five days in general peace. We had a cool little so-called Coconut Hut – which is not made of coconuts nor palm-tree, although on some occasions the built the hut around the palm-tree, resulting in that hut having a whole in its roof.


The boys went sea fishing one day, which was a huge success! They had a small boat and were given a plastic bottle to use as a fishing rod. On Thursday, our last night, was the silent disco. Joined by our Israeli neighbors we went and partied one last time in Goa. There were two different types of music we continually switched between so we always had the best music. There was a limitless supply of alcohol…


We took a bus to Hampi. I think this must be one of the most beautiful locations of India: stones as far as the eye can see. This place is famous for rock climbing, which we of course attempted. And we had what must have been the best food in India. I must conclude I’m not crazy about Indian food. Indian food in India is not nearly as good as what we call Indian food, I guess. Like in Nepal, you may order one and the same dish but find it three stars in one place and disgusting in another. But everything we ordered here was just top class. We dreaded leaving.


But we did. We took a nightbus to Bengalore. When we arrived there we were lured in what seemed like a very lucrative deal, but in the end we were scammed yet again. A taxi driver promised to drive us around for free all day if we would visit some shops that pay him for every tourist he brings in. We kept up our part of the deal, but he did not. I did make 100 rupees though, Anton got Jerusalem scandals, and we ran into a shemale prostitute in the botanical gardens.

The next day we arrived in Allepey, where we would go ‘boating’. It was wonderful! We rented a boat for two days and we explored the backwaters of Kerala. It’s probably what the canals of Amsterdam looked like way back when. Women washing clothes in the river, boys swimming, girls waiting on the busboat, men walking around in skirts that look like handkerchiefs. The sun was burning, but we had a little roof and nowhere to be.


When we got back to Allepey, we decided to stay an extra day to go to the beach. We stayed in and watched movies instead. We lay on the bed under the fan and were almost too lazy to go out for dinner. As the boys put it: “Normally you’re busy all week, go out on the weekend, and take Sunday to recover. When you’re travelling you’re always busy. Sometimes you just need a day of nothing.”

Our last two days we spent in Chennai; India’s fourth largest city and second most boring. It was the most expensive beer we drank having the best view. Being obligated to carry our bags around as the hotel wouldn’t store them (“If it were just one or two, no problem. But since you’re four…”). We found refuge in the cinema and watch ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ and ‘Die Hard’.


We have now flown into Vietnam (3 countries – 5 time zones – less than 17 hours).


7 thoughts on “Highlights Of India – Part II

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  2. H.s. fijn om dit te lezen. Wat anders dan hier en dat van mijn dochter (en zoon) op de Internationale Vrouwendag!

  3. Sjaaaan! Wat een heerlijk verhaal weer. Ik moet af en toe zo hard lachen om wat jullie allemaal meemaken.. En ik ben ook wel eens jaloers: lees zon, zee, strand en cocktails? YES PLEASE! Zullen we even een paar dagen ruilen? Dan kan jij even een paar dagen niks doen op kantoor 😛 en dan ga ik even van het lekkere weer genieten.. allememachies zeg.
    Nou keep up the good work en veel plezier in Vietnam. Hopen dat het eten daar wat beter bevalt!
    Jack the Giant Slayer is trouwens nog niet uit hier.. is ‘t wat??

    • Jaaa, was zeker een leuke film!! Het eten is hier beduidend better. Nadeel is dan weer dat we telefoon, camera, geld en pinpas zijn kwijtgeraakt. But oh well 🙂 Wat betreft dat ruilen: ik heb er natuurlijk lang en diep over nagedacht en heb toch besloten om het niet te doen. Hahaha 😀

  4. Jana en Anton, een hele goeie reis verder toegewenst, ook namens Bonne uit TIlburg ……….

    veel groeten,

    Mieke-Nelie v/d Heijden

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