Perception Is Everything

When we first arrived in Australia after five months in Asia, we felt like we got some piece of mind. We could let our guard down, step back an relax for a moment.


Melbourne was full of conveniences we had secretly longed for. It was full of beautiful people we could communicate with normally. There were more places than we could possibly visit in the given time frame: clothing shops, supermarkets with every possible thing one might want or need, museums, casinos, parks and coffee shops on every corner. You name it, I’m sure you can find it in Melbourne. It was a big city like they have them in Asia, yet very rural. There aren’t many tall buildings, only a few skyscrapers in the centre of town that can be spotted from anywhere. Its houses were beautiful and each and every single one of them seemed to have a large garden surrounding it. And smack bang in the middle of this metropolis: St. Kilda beach. Yes, Melbourne had everything we wanted, and more.


After a month or so in Australia, we moved to Harrietville, about four hours north, which is where we spent the past four months. The two of us not included, it has give or take 400 inhabitants, no public WiFi, one general store that also serves as the post office, and two pubs. There are no tall buildings. Twice a week I would make my way to Bright. An incredible twenty minutes away, and a metropolis in itself. It has a shopping street. It does! Restaurants. I kid you not, there are several! And two (2) gyms. For real, bro! The only other reason to leave Harrietville was to go skiing. We needed nothing else from Mt. Hotham than its white slopes and every now and than a hot chocolate. Life in Harrietville is really only as complicated as you make it.


A week ago, we left Harrietville to go on our next big adventure, which has been postponed til upcoming Friday. So we had some time on our hands and decided to go visit our cousins in Melbourne. We got off at Southern Cross train station…

Melbourne is noisy and hot like a big city would be. There are so many shops full of things we don’t need. It is full of people and cars and bicycles and trams. Your senses are attacked by sounds and colors. You constantly have to watch where you are going. There is not just the one street; there are hundreds, maybe thousands and I have no idea where we are going. Google Maps points us in the right direction. We follow the tram tracks to St. Kilda. The bushes next to it provide us with some shade, but within half an hour we are sweaty. The car fumes make it worse. This is by no means that little piece of heaven we remembered.


But when we arrive at Louisa’s, we are hugged and kissed by two little boys who are very happy to see us. We play soccer in the sun. Ari climbs on our laps every chance he gets and Isaac tells us everything he learned since we last saw him. At St. Kilda, one thing becomes very clear. ‘Game of Thrones’ is wrong: Summer Is Coming.



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