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The Outback

In the 1860, the outback was first conquered on foot by Burke and Wills (an Irish policeman and a British surveyor). It took them around seven months. Their ultimate goal being to establish an overland telegraph line from what is now Darwin to Adelaide.

We are not taking nearly as long nor do we have any such a mission. We are merely enjoying the sights and differentness of the outback.

The outback can’t be pinpointed to a precise location, which won’t surprise you. Generally speaking anything outside of the larger metropolitan areas is ‘outback’. So in a sense you could say Harrietville is outback.

But no.

I guess anything West of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland would be considered as outback (except the city of Perth in WA). It is an area of 6.5 million square kilometres inhabited by 600,00 people.

If you look at the condition to extend your Australian work-holiday visa for another year, you need to

have completed three months of specified work in regional Australia (…) All of Nothern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania is classified as part of regional Australia.

For more details, see the full postcode list.

What I do know for a fact now is the following:

– The outback is orange/red, because of the iron oxide (rust)

– There are flies! (heaps of flies!)

– There are many wild animals, among others camels and dromedaries (let loose by the same Bourke and Wills)
7. Dromedary (1)

– Ayers Rock is pretty big (and you are still discouraged to climb it)

– It is a bit of a drive to get there and back again (it’s not the destination, it’s the journey)

– The scenery can be a bit monotonous (and than it totally surprises you!)

– It’s a desert, but it’s not like any desert I know of (it has vegetation and grass all over the place)


3 thoughts on “The Outback

  1. Hallo Jana en Anton
    Op 14 september, Jana’s verjaardag, was ik in CANADA of all places ! In Calgary om precies te zijn. De stad waar Christel Huybregts is geboren, die Christel nog kent van haar bezoek aan en in Lissabon ! |Nu is deze Christel bevriend met mijn dochter Sabine in AMSTERDAM. Wat is de wereld toch klein.
    Iin 2007 was ik zelf in en rond AYERS ROCK. Ik herinner het me nog heel goed. Beklimmen was toen ook verboden. Maar er om geen wandelen – circa 15 of 17 kilometer, als ik met he goed herinner – dat heb ik toen wel gedaan. Met de nodige rustpauze, voor deze ‘old lady’ … Misschien gaan Luc en Erica dat ook nog wel doen in 2014 ! Wie weet ?

    groeten, tante Mieke-Nelie

  2. Mooie foto’s, veel informatie! Op de foto van Anton, heeft hij heel veel weg van neef Roland!
    Goede reis naar de kust en .. hartelijk gefelicireistaart met je neuwe levensjaar, Jana.

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