The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

Everybody Loves Pizza

I have seen the light! No. No, really. I have. And it is beautiful. Why hasn’t anyone told me before? Or let me rephrase: why didn’t I listen? Someone must’ve told me, right? Do I get to blame the parents for this?  Stubbornness runs in the family. It does. IT REALLY DOES! Ask anyone. And if you don’t believe me I KNOW I’M RIGHT.

But the light. It is so gorgeous and pretty and it is any color and any taste you want it to be.

It started with this job of mine. You can read all about it here. Than I got inspired by this. And than I read this.

Also, I got bored with my own cooking. What I mean to say is pasta’s nice, but if you’ve been cooking the same pasta dish for the past – say – ten years. It possibly isn’t all that nice anymore.

Oh, and I love Google. I have a friend who for a long time felt the need to nag me about Google Glass. It annoyed me to a degree that I can’t even begin to describe. But he might have been on to something (yes, I did tell friend I might have been wrong – might have been!)

The discussion went like this (poetic license):
Friend: “It would be great, because whenever you’d be having a discussion you immediately have the facts in front of you.”
Me: “But what would you talk about than? Where would the exchange in opinions be?”
Friend (undisturbed): “You would actually be talking about the real thing. Not someone’s opinion.”
Me: “…” (I admit part of my annoyance might have come from not having a reply.)

So I love Google. I’ll tell you why: IT KNOWS EVERYTHING (ask Google Glass if you don’t agree).

And I wanted to make pizza, because there is no pizza place around the corner. In fact, there is no corner to speak of at all. There is not even another building where a pizza place could be anywhere.

And I also wanted chocolate pudding.

And make dumplings.

And boss man wanted roast.

So I Googled it. And Google told me. And now I am to be the next Nigella Lawson. Or Jamie Oliver. Or who’s-that-guy-who-curses-and-screams (he annoys me so I don’t really want to be like him, or Nigella Lawson for that matter, or Jamie Oliver- I’ll just be me) Ramses-Ramsay-Ramson?

I am gonna go on ‘So You Think You Can Cook?’ and win. After I perfect my recipes, of course. Which will be soon, because I have about two more months of cooking ahead of me.

Seriously, could someone have told me cooking was this easy?!

I will share with you what I know when the moment is upon us. For now, however, everybody likes







There really is no pizza place around the corner – there is no corner either:





6 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Pizza

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  3. Warme chocoladepudding…heerlijk. Ik heb Matt Preston’s, ‘ n Australische kok, van luc kado gehad. Ook al lekkers uit klaar gemaakt.
    Blijf zo doorgaan en je evdnaard je oma?!

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