The Cattle Station

Sunnies and hat,
long sleeves and jeans.
Our first weapons once we step outside,
onto the verandah
to put our shoes on.
It’s only 7 and the sun is already burning. 


The open windows
are the aircon
of the old, battered UTE
No seat belts needed.
The road is bumpy,
full of holes –
is it even a road?


Spinifex, Mitchell grass, and spear grass.
Mimosa trees, broom bushes, snappy gum, and emu apple.
Charbray, Droughtmaster, and Brahman bulls,
Droughtmaster bull

Droughtmaster bull

They fight for the lady cows.
Some calves dart around.
The bare trees offer little shade,
but whatever you can find
is yours to keep.


Are the troughs not leaking?
Are the water tanks full?
Are the cows still alive?
Do all the calves still have mums?


Avoid the bull dust.
Close the gates.
Leave this one open, because we’ll be right back.
Just one lick here,
because there still is one there.


It is just another day on the
cattle station.

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