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Why Am I Here?

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I thought I had it all figured out on my about-page. And I thought everything that was missing there would be explained on my who am I-page. But when I went and had another good look at these pages because of the Zero-to-Hero blog challenge, I had to conclude I was wrong. Or at least, that there was still missing something.

Why am I here? 

Well, imagine this place a long, long, long time ago, not so far from where we are now. There was really very little there then that we now can grasp. Mostly, it would be seen as black, dark, maybe even cold.


The earth was born. Sea life slowly evolved to non-sea life – lungs were developed – and then apes became humans. The earth’s crust moved apart until we had the continents know as the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. On one of those continents, my ancestors decided to settle.

Others say…

There was a paradise where a lonely man lived. He was so lonely his creator decided to make a woman out of one of his ribs. Seduced by a snake, they were eventually thrown out of paradise and had to learn to fend for themselves. They did. Against all odds, they survived, they procreated. And even though one of their sons killed the others, they managed to populate the world with up to this point around 7 billion offspring.

They decided to build the tower of Babel to get back to God. But God didn’t want them back. So in order for them not to reach their goal he waved his magic wand and suddenly no-one understood what the others were saying anymore. They gave up on their project and wandered sideways until my ancestors settled where they settled.

I am sure that others probably say something altogether different yet again…

But here I am writing to you. For you. For me. Because I like it. Because I want to be read. Because I have adventures I would like to share. Because I want you to tell me yours. Because it is what I do and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you and see you around!

Thank you

Thank you…



See you!

And see you around!


8 thoughts on “Why Am I Here?

  1. I liked your interpretation of the bible there. Some would see it as slightly cynical(bible thumpers, the kind that spew out unnecessary judgment and make the rest of us Christians look horrible) but I’m just glad you know the story. Why? It means you had to read your bible to a point or at least do some research on it. Any way that gets you closer to God in my opinion is a good one 🙂 I really like your blog too. I’m going to follow you, and thanks for following me! Makes a girl feel good 🙂

    • Funny that’s the part you were drawn to. Funny this is what I talk about in this ‘first’ post. I am not religious per se. Technically I am a catholic. Spent quite a few Sundays in church as a kid. I don’t know what I believe in, but I do feel these stories of creation, whether Jesus’s, Buddha’s or Mohammed’s or whoever you believe in, are guidelines, not fact, not fiction either. It is a shame people use it for bad when it should be good. It is something so personal and whatever you religion we all want the same: love. I’ll finish with this poem whose author has slipped my minr just now:
      That love is all there is
      Is all we know of love.
      It is enough
      The freight should be
      Proportioned to the groove.

      Looking forward to your bligs & comments!

  2. en daarom ben je mens om het goede voort te zetten en de zorgen te dragen. Dat maakt ons als bewoner van deze aantrekkelijke kluit ook creatief in het voortgaan dag na dag. Zorgen zijn er om op te lossen en er beter uit te komen. Vandaar dat de zon voor niets opkomt want daardoor zie je wat je doet en hoor je wat je zegt. Jana en Anton, deze gezonden tekst is zo goed dat ik al uitkijk naar de lichtconfrontatie met jullie over een paar weken.
    Fantastisch uitgangspunt!!!!!

  3. Very interesting take on why you are here. When God destroyed the tower of Babel and created all of the different languages, he said, (and I am paraphrasing here) “That if all of mankind could come together, they could accomplish anything” Which is exactly why I started a blog. Yes, I am trying to change the world, the only way I know how. One person at a time. So, if you got a few minutes and can handle the intensity of a very long why I am here, then take a look at my blog. Oh, if your of faith, then read Psalms 1-1 first, if not and your into the whole big bang thing, then skip it. Me, I believe in a little of both. I know…I know… My take on evolution has more to do with the evolution of our political systems and just where it should go from here. Anyway, I enjoyed your “first” and look forward to your next creative outtake on the next “assignment” LRGII

    • Thank you for your feedback!
      I read your blog and I must say I am really interested in reading your book. It is so true we are in need of straightforward answers. There are too many people with agendas
      As for religion, I am not religious. Although I was raised a catholic. I don’t think religion has anything to do with going to church or praying as such. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive as people like Galilei and Da Vinci show. People seem to forget how deeply religion and culture are intertwined (look at schoolholidays for example). You don’t need to have religion to have faith. I don’t know (yet – and maybe I never will) whch category applies to me personally.
      I am looking forward to reading more about you and hope I can keep you entertained too!

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