Your Guide To Ozzy

Essentially what I want to write about to you are all the funny, quirky, surprising (for better or for worse), interesting, unknown and/or everyday things I come across on my travels. As well as all the amazing things out there for us to do.

I realized this as I was driving around this morning thinking about what to write for today’s Zero to Hero 30-day blog challenge.

So today I hope to make you laugh a little with my Guide to Ozzy. And maybe it makes you think as well…? If you know a little about Australia or if you are Australian, its basicness might surprise you. There are three reasons for that:

  1. A lot of foreigners don’t know these words when they first come to Australia;
  2. They are so common in Australia you might forget they’re not standard English (i.e. American English);
  3. I think they’re funny.


Bottle-o = bottle-shop, where one buys alcoholic beverages, also drive-thru
Grog = any beverage containing alcohol
Goon = the cheapest wine in the bottle-o, usually in a carton
XXXX = Australian beer, pronounced 4X
White fella = person with a white skin
Black fella = person with a dark skin, mostly refers to Aborigines
No worries = you’re welcome, don’t mention it, my pleasure
Arvo = afternoon
Righto, rightio = alright
Journo = journalist
Reckon = suppose, think, feel (e.g. I reckon we will make the ten o’clock train)
What are you on about? = That is nonsense
Macca’s = McDonald’s

States & territories:
States: Tasmania , Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia
Territories: Northern Territory, ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
Tassy = Tasmania, previously known as Van Diemen’s Land, changed to the name of its discoverer Abel Tasman in 1900 (yes, you may conclude that Australia was discovered by a Dutchman, not Captain Cook)
WA = Western Australia, the only state or territory referred to with its abbreviation, it occupies 1/3 of the country (and is bigger than Texas f.y.i.)
Brissy = Brisbane, city in Queensland
Bundy = Bundaberg, refers to both the city in Queensland and the rum made in said city

To conclude: what does this mean? 

“Rightio. When I get to Brissy this arvo I’ll step into the bottle-o to get some Bundy before we meet up at Macca’s.”

Is there anything missing, you reckon? 

Zero to Hero Blogger


10 thoughts on “Your Guide To Ozzy

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  2. Many years ago the bottle-O was the person who picked up the empty beer bottles. Beer (VB) came in 750 ml bottles and you shared a bottle with your mates, pouring the beer in a glass. The bottles where than stacked on the side of the house and when the stack was very high the Bottle-O came to collect them. I don’t know if he paid you for the empties (empty bottles). The bottle-o in that form does not excised any more since the stubby and cans came along.

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