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Everybody Loves Cookies

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Think about all the money one spends on buying prefab cookies in the supermarket. I feel a tinge of guilt when I think about what I spent over the years. Especially when it is so easy to make them yourself. And so much better! And much cheaper too. These prices I got after browsing a bit:

Sugar (2 kilo) AUS$ 3.00
Milk (1 liter) AUS$ 1.50
Eggs (12) AUS$ 4.00
Plain flour (1k) AUS$ .80
Butter (250gr) AUS$ 1.40

This adds up to just over AUS$ 10 (= EUR 6.60 = US$ 8.90).

All you need than is some:

– jam (who doesn’t have jam?)
– chocolate (who doesn’t have chocolate?)
– whatever takes your fancy!

If you are craving some chocolate chip cookies, try this. Boss man wanted jam drops, so here I went.

So just type your favorite recipe in the search bar and off you go. You’ll have pages and pages of results. Just choose the one that appeals to you.Β It doesn’t take long to make it. It probably takes longer to go to the supermarket and buy it. Also, you can most likely make a hundred cookies instead of buying one, maybe two packages.

Same goes for cupcakes or cake or apple pie. And the beauty is, if you don’t have a certain ingredient (for example, eggs) you are sure to find suggestions for egg replacement online too. With just a click of your mouse!

You can do the same for anything. Soup, roast chicken, cupcakes, savory pancakes, anything. No, really, anything.

And than we play with food-coloring:

Ok, granted. They don't look as good as you would like. Tasted awesome though!

Ok, granted. They don’t look as good as you would like. Tasted awesome though!

State of my hands

State of my hands

– – –

Have you ever Google-d a recipe for your favo supermarket-cookie (and made it)? What is your favorite cookie?Β 

– – –

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11 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Cookies

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  3. And they’re done! It only took 20 minutes in the oven.
    Even though they are way too large and flat, they are kind of yummy!

  4. I don’t really have a favourite supermarket cookie I think.. I like all of them πŸ˜‰
    But my all time favourite cookie is the maizenakoekje!
    And I have found a recipe online and I will make it today. I’ll send you the pictures. Let’s hope they will turn out amazing!

  5. Lekker he, je vingers erbij aflikkend, tussendoor.
    Zoals jij ze maakt lijkt het cake en door de suiker en boter niet goed voor de mensen. Omvang van de mensen
    Joslin maar ook ik zouden ipv zoveel eieren backed soda gebruiken. Ipv boter olie en ik in elk geval voortaan minder suiker. Vaak minder dan de helft. Soms honing. Zonder eieren of maar 1 a2 kun je er koekjes uitsteken. Molentjes bijvoorbeeld zoals in kerstpakket zat.
    Smakelijk eten.

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