How To Pack Your Bag In An Inefficient Manner

Zero to Hero Blogger

It’s safe to say that after 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days (these numbers are real!) I am still unable to pack my bag in an efficient manner. In fact, I think the harder I try the worse I get at it. So next time I’ll be packing I am going to adopt the policy not to think and roll up my clothes and just SHOVE.

The thought already appeals to me.

Because I am leaving. Yes. After 93 days in blistering heat and isolation I have done enough work to apply for a second year work-holiday visa should I so desire.

I have learned that I will not do this again soon. I say “soon” because you should never say “never”. I am happy I am leaving. Three months in one spot is too long for my restless soul. Also, I am craving human contact. And sushi. And a big, fat, drunk party. And a swim. And most of all: new adventures.

Because I am a wanderer!


2 thoughts on “How To Pack Your Bag In An Inefficient Manner

  1. wat een diepe tot de ziel rakende overweging om orde op zaken te stellen en dat na drie maanden in een hete omgeving daar achter te komen en achter te laten
    Trouwens ideeën om een koffer efficiënt te pakken sta ook ik voor open

    g e w e l d i g

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