Queensland Speak

I can imagine that after all my stories of adventures in the Queensland outback and beyond, you cannot wait to go live it for yourself. I can’t blame you. There are several ways to “get to know yourself”, as they say. And working on a cattle station two hours from the nearest town – bum fuck nowhere, as it was once very succinctly put – certainly is one way to do it. Other than that it is also heaps of fun of course. Who wouldn’t want to try bush oysters, and mustering, and baking cookies, and climbing down a watertank? So here’s a few words you’ll need to learn to become a true Jackaroo/Jillaroo.

The humans: 

Jackaroo/Jillaroo: the station manager’s right hand knows all about cows and mustering and managing a cattle station – also known as a ringer

Station manager: either the station owner or the person in charge, (s)he knows all about cows and mustering and managing a cattle station, but also does all the paperwork

Drover: guides the cattle overland from station to market on a horse accompanied by a dog – a profession that doesn’t really exist anymore, because cattle is now mostly transported by truck

Station hand: the bottom of the food chain on the cattle station, does all the dirty jobs no-one wants to do

The animals: 

Calf: a baby cow

Poddy calf: a baby cow bottled-fed by humans

Wiener: a calf that is getting accustomed to food other than its mother’s milk

Yearling: a year old calf

Cow: female cattle older than one year

Bull: male cow older than one year

Steer: castrated bull between 12 and 24 months old

Bullock: castrated bull older than 24 months


Bogey: shower

To go have a camp: to have a nap

Billie: a can used to make tea/tucker over a campfire (e.g. boil the billie)

Tucker: lunch, a meal

In the bush: where outback-people say they are


5 thoughts on “Queensland Speak

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  3. Voor calf, poddy calf etc. hebben wij ook Nederlandse woorden als kalf, vaars etc. Zou ik moeten opzoeken want ik ben nu in ADenleide en ga slapen na een wandeling naar een festival wasr deze plaats om bekend is!

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