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Big Things And Curves In the Road

The seatbelt cuts in the side of my neck so I shift it. There is no point, I know that, within seconds it is back in the same position. I push it under my elbow and press it into my side, securing it.

Next to me, my travel partner wakes up. She extends her arms and legs as best as possible in the confined space of the cabin. At least she is small; I can only stretch my legs by lifting my bum off the seat.

I hold the steering wheel ten-to-two and pinch it. Left hand, right hand, left again, on and on. I roll my shoulders, forward and than back. Lastly, I move my head to the sides, stretching my neck.

The road is straight. I can see kilometers ahead. There is nothing all around me. A mountain range appears ahead. The road ends and we turn left to Perth, a few thousands kilometers still to go.

But that’s ok, because today we will make it to the Nullarbor. We will cross it by car on a road purpusely made curvey vertically and horizontally so that it’s not as boring. A road paved with gold on the WA side because it wasn’t worth it to distract it back in the 1960’s.

At Kimba, we stop to take a picture of the Big Galah (what’s this obsession Australians have with big things?) and the sign that says “half way across Australia”. At Wudinna, we take a picture of the Australian Farmer statue, not all that impressive being only 8.5m tall.

We have oysters at Ceduna, (self proclaimed?) oyster capital of Australia – next to the Big Oyster. They were nice, but the best ones I’ve had I had in Cowell, SA. Just before Yalata we come across The Sign, as we like to call it. It is a unique highway sign “look out for camels, wombats and kangaroos”.

Only than do we get to the Nullarbor, “no tree”. They weren’t wrong about that.








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