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All Things Great And Big

Australia is a big country. Goes without saying. So what’s this obsession Australians have with All Things Great And Big seeing as they don’t really need to underline this fact?

Let me give you some examples of Great Things down under:

  • The Great Ocean Road
  • The Great Dividing Range
  • The Great Alpine Road
  • The Great Northern Highway
  • The Great Victorian Bike Ride
  • The Great South Australia Bike Ride
  • The Great Western Highway
  • The Great Barrier Reef

As for Big Things, I think I am better of just showing you what I mean:

Animals collage

Fruit collage

Starting top left corner, per line:

  • The Big Ram in Wagin, WA
  • The Big Lobster in Kingston, SA
  • The Big Galah in Kimba, SA (this is in fact the halfway across Australia-point)
  • The Giant Koala in Dadswells Bridge, VIC
  • The Big Oyster in Australia’s oyster capital of  Ceduna, SA
  • The Big Kangaroo somewhere around Brisbane, QLD (one of many, e.g. Rooey II at the SA/WA border village)
  • The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • The Big Mango in Bowen, QLD
  • The Big Pineapple in Nambour, QLD

As it turns out, this is only the tip of the iceberg (just Google ‘big things’). There is even a Wikipedia-page and Google Maps made their own contribution! It claims there are 145 Big Things scattered all over Australia. I am aiming to collect them all. Not that I need an excuse to keep exploring Australia…

– – – – –

Which one should I photograph (and thus visit) next? 


2 thoughts on “All Things Great And Big

  1. en dan te weten dat twee grootse mensen al het continent hebben verlaten dus verander land in continent en ik ben het met je eens

    gegroet en aju

    Luc etc enz en nog …..

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