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Crossing Another Thing Off

Months ago, a sale was on at Tiger Air where every second person flies for free. So I said to the BF that I want to go to Tassie (because I am trying to blend in using Australian slang) and do the Overland Track in the Cradle Mountain National Park. He said: “Never heard of it. Let’s do it.”

We leave in two days!

I have been sorting out my backpack. I purchased a new sleeping bag and mattress. We carry a pan and a pot (billie – again using Australian slang), a stove because no campfires allowed, a map (of course), an extra pair of shoes, pants and t-shirts, shorts, three paris of socks, four pairs of undies, a warm jumper, a raincoat, gloves, thermals, a hat and beanie. I think I finally nailed this light-packing thing with my pack weighing only 13 kilos before food! It took me 29 years to work out the philosophy of elimination…

It takes me back to my time in Nepal. I loved being out there and just walk. It was harder than anything, but it was amazing. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other until you reach another guest house, a place to stay for the night where they provide you with a warm meal (Sherpa stew!)

We spent the night before my brother’s birthday in a little town in the Everest region. It was the weirdest thing, because one moment we were in the middle of nowhere and than there was this town full of blue and white houses. There was infrastructure: an actual street, houses with little gardens!

There weren’t very many people, especially not other hikers, because it was January (just after New Year’s) and that is off-season. So we were the only ones staying in the guest house. The lady of the house made us two serves of Sherpa stew each. They brought us a little stove with glowing coals, because it was so cold in the guest area. They had cable TV as well! We watch some American comedy – I don’t remember which one – and sat around in the near dark until it was bedtime.

There won’t be anything like that on the Overland Track. We will mostly be staying in our little tent. There might be snow and sun and rain, maybe even hail, and potentially all in the one day. We will be carrying our on food and there won’t be anywhere to charge our phones. That’s alright. We brought Rummikub and playing cards and headlight for with our book.

It will be awesome!

And when we get back, Sinterklaas will have been and Christmas will only be 2.5 weeks away.

– – –

What is the next item you will be crossing off your bucket list?

– – –

A cold winter’s day in Nepal

First view of Mt. Everest

A little stove filled with coals for heat

Threw on the backpack!

Yay, we made it up the last hill on the way back to Cathmandu!

One of the many little villages in between Namche Bazaar and Cathmandu

Buddha flags on a bridge

Beautiful mistery


9 thoughts on “Crossing Another Thing Off

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  2. weer een indrukwekkende ervaring en dito verhaal
    laat de foto’s kaarten indrukken en verhalen maar komen
    het boek komt er dan ook/vanzelf

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