‘Because I am happy’ or ‘2014’

It’s nearly 5pm AEST on the last day of 2014.

Every time over the last say two weeks I’ve been on Facebook I kept seeing everybody’s overview of the year past as made by Facebook. I looked through all of them and had a look at mine too.

I don’t like mine.

I think it might be because there are many more recent photos I would like to see on there. My life has changed much and more over the course of the last months and I haven’t been sharing that with Facebook. I haven’t been sharing it with internet full stop, except for the few people I Skyped with. (On a side note, I am starting to love Skype!)

The main and most significant change within myself over the course of 2014 is my improved fitness. I spent the winter skiing and snowboarding full time and I have taken up running. And now that I’ve done a few 5km events, I want to run a marathon. Running is addictive. I hate it, but I love it, but what’s more I love me running. I never realised how awkward I felt within my own body until I didn’t anymore.

I am 1,74m (give or take) and right now I weigh around 80kg, which is on the heavy side of things by any scale. Two years ago however, when I left on my travels, the scales indicated an extra 10 kilos. Ten! I feel light as a bird now, confident that my body can do its job and, most of all, I can use this amazing tool that is my birth right to its full ability!

Contrary to before when I felt ugly and tired and heavy – I don’t know how else to describe it. It wasn’t a conscious feeling of ‘I am (too) heavy’, but it was there and I was unawares.

There is more that I want to do with it, my body, my tool. I want to go rock climbing and do more hikes and ride my beautiful bike that I go for Christmas and know that it is okay with myself to do that without being scared it – or I – can’t do it or being afraid it might not be as strong physically as I think it is mentally. Those days are in the past. 2015 will be the year I turn 30 and I am happier than ever in my own skin.

There are three things left to say:

  1. Check out some of my own 2014 highlights down below!
  2. Like me on Facebook for more good things in 2015 (like how I shall be training for my marathon, the new diet I will need to follow due to illness (no need to worry, it’s nothing serious!) and when the book will be published that will have my name on it). Also, follow this blog…!
  3. And last but not least: Happy New Year!

– – –

Dad taking a familie selfie on Kangaroo Island

Dad taking a family selfie on Kangaroo Island

Crossing the Nullarbor with German Jenny

Crossing the Nullarbor with German Jenny

Skyping with Annelies is always a good time!

Skyping with Annelies is always a good time!

Being interviewed by Dutch TV

Being interviewed by Dutch TV

Snowboarding on Mt. Hotham

Snowboarding on Mt. Hotham

Run Ballarat Run

Run Ballarat Run

My beautiful, purple bike

My beautiful, purple bike

Walking the Overland Track in Tassie

Walking the Overland Track

Reaching the highest point on the Overland Track

Reaching the highest point on the Overland Track

Finishing the Overland Track in Tassie

Finishing the Overland Track

Fun at the caravan park

Fun at the caravan park with the bf

Exploring Lal Lal Falls

Exploring Lal Lal Falls with the Little People


Camping in Lorne

– – –

I take requests. Is there anything you would like me to write about?


6 thoughts on “‘Because I am happy’ or ‘2014’

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  2. Soms is het niet nodig om de wereld je leven te laten zien, maar gewoon te leven en te zijn. Veranderingen zijn mooi! Omarm ze en geniet! Ik blijf en zal je volgen want ik ben benieuwd naar de stappen die je zet en de avonturen die je gaat beleven. Die marathon gaat je lukken!

  3. Wat 2015 brengt is een verrassing! Goede voornemens zijn altijd belangrijk. Voor ouj
    De wens dat jij je goed in je lijf, leden en leven blijft voelen!
    Plezier en succes. kijk uit naar je naam in het boek!

  4. weer een aantrekkelijke fotosessie van een nieuw leven dat voor 2014 begon.
    Wat een geweldige draai hebben jij en Anton eraan gegeven.
    Ik ben zo voldaan dat ik met Erica zo’n aantrekklijk nageslacht op de wereld heb gezet.Het doet me goed!!! Zoveel keer meer goed dan ikhier kan weergeven.
    Wie zijn die kleinere kinderen die met jullie(?) door het veld lopen?
    Wanneer stuur jij me dat wombatplaatje (geel) voor in de auto?????

    alle goeds voor en na de jaarwisseling.
    Blijf denken aan de toekomst want het verleden maakt je alleen maar wijs!!!

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