January, 1st, 2015

I wonder if the whole world has reached 2015 by now. I know the whole of Europe has, because at present I am an expert in the time difference with the country of birth. That is mostly because I discovered my laptop has a little setting which allows me to have several clocks on display. It’s 4pm on Australia’s East Coast (AEST); it’s 6am in Western Europe (GMT+1).

I also know the date line is east of here. That indicates to me there are some little island states in between the Americas and Oceania that are yet to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In fact, it might even be so that they are still preparing dinner and getting dressed up for the great celebrations while here in Australia we are getting ready for 2015’s first evening meal. Some people might still be sleeping even and waiting for their hangovers to cure.

Like many people I used feel a bit anxious when it came to New Year’s Eve’s celebrations. There is so much pressure on you to do ‘something fun’! Yesterday the bf & I spent around six hours playing games: Agricola, Rummikub, Yahtzee and Magic. We did the best of X (where the number of games X depended on whether I was winning or not and wanted revenge).

Last year I was working on a cattle station in Queensland and the cows weren’t really in for a party.

The year before that I was in Namche Bazaar in Nepal. The hiking season was ending and there weren’t many people around, so I went to bed at 8.

What is so special about it anyway? You don’t feel different afterwards – not like when you’re 8 and it’s your birthday tomorrow and you just know you’re going to be a whole new person when you wake up; it’s just another day. And I feel like all of us need to strive to live every day like it was our last anyway. Time spent doing something you enjoy is not time wasted.

Did you know that the date changes every night at midnight?


4 thoughts on “January, 1st, 2015

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  2. Ik ben sinds eind vorig jaar verslaafd aan mahyong! Ik hou het er vandaag maar bij en alle andere vandagen voorlopig. Veel spelplezier

  3. wat een wijsheid voor een eenvoudige beer!
    Maar een waarheid zo groot als een koe.
    Hebben beide vrede met de vertering.

    Ook mijn wijsheid.

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