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Smile! You’re On Camera

Laughing, smiling. We just don’t do it enough. That is why I decided to join in on this weeks Travel Them: Laughter.

The other reason was because I did a bit of traveling myself (to the beach – yay!) And now I’m rocking some amazing, red, sun-burnt patches. They make me smile every time I look at them.



This two little ones are cousins, four and two respectively. And I am told they look like me when I was little like them. wpid-received_10202475780074675.jpeg

That’s me on the right. What do you think – are we in fact second cousins once removed?

(As a side note, the girl in the photo with me is in fact my first cousin. All these cousins… Smile!)

– – –

What makes you smile?


2 thoughts on “Smile! You’re On Camera

  1. Hi Jana
    I got a smile on my face of the picture of my daughter Sabine van der Heijden (1979) and her little cousin Oui Depuis, in the year … ??? 1988 or 1989 ! I saw a DVD some days ago made in the Netherlands from the period 1979 till 1989 with all the little ones in Tilburg and in Kaatsheuvel. With their Oma Jacq van der Heijden-Rutten (who died in 2009 ) ! That made me smile, too !
    Mieke-Nelie van der Heijden, Tilburg, 10 January 2015

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