A Short Fairy Tale of My Own

Once upon a time, a guy said to a girl: “I love you.”

The girl said: “I love you too.”

And they lived happily ever after conversing about what they wanted and how they would get it.

And they listened to each other’s opinions and tried to take the other person’s likes and dislikes into consideration.

Then did they what they had to do to get what they wanted, and would celebrate success or feel defeated together.

They fought sometimes – she’d sometimes cry and he’d sometimes shut her out – because they are just two imperfect people.

But they had love and the ocassional fart would only lighten the mood!wpid-wp-1423893542691.jpeg– – –

In response to the Traditional-Fairy-Tale-Takedown Challenge!


5 thoughts on “A Short Fairy Tale of My Own

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