Happiness is…

There are SO MANY great writers out there. Occasionally I come across one of them, and I wonder where they have been hiding. Their blog is sent to me or it appears in my “suggested reading” on WordPress or someone else has liked it on Facebook. Etcetera etcetera.

Subsequently I spent the next three days reading anything and everything they wrote. I laugh out loud at my phone. The bf asks: “What are you laughing about?” And I read it to him. Or translate it as was the case yesterday. Something are untranslatable though, like:

  1. From Dutch: Gezellig – any thing, person, place, location, animal, object can be cozy/well-designed/nice/have a good vibe
  2. From Portuguese: Saudade – a cross between being homesick (not just for home, but for a time/place/feeling/company) and nostalgia
  3. From English: Serendipity – any discovery that’s unexpected and unsought yet fortunate

Here and here you can find some more examples from different languages. As a translater, I love it. It challenges me to be even more creative. And fulfills me with great satisfaction when I work it out!


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