If I Hadn’t…

It was just after the summer in 2012. There was love, a job I enjoyed, comfort; the good life all around. There also was a pizza joint across the bridge from where I was living and they did €10 pizzas.

Him and I would hop off the bus after work and wandered over there, order, and play a game on the computer before we took our pizza home.

It was a regular occurrence, two or three times a week maybe. And before I knew it my clothes were too tight and my face didn’t look quite right in the mirror.

skinny v fat

This could have easily gone on for longer – how long we will never know, because the end of November neared. And I left Europe for the unknown world of Asia. First stop: Nepal. I climbed to Annapurna base camp and I walked nine days from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu. I took a train across India and scootered from south to north in Vietnam.

Eventually we made it to Australia. I took up skiing, diving and eventually running. I realised how useful my body is, what it can do provided I take care of it in terms of eating, training and sleep.

voluptuos lady

Flashback to 2012

Had I not left, would my lifestyle have changed? Had I not left, would I have continued to eat what I ate and not exercise (enough)? Would I have become overweight and subsequently obese? Or would I have been able to stop, step back and have an honest look at what I was doing to myself?

Does it happen that easily – one minute you’re absolutely fine, the next you have tripled in size?

I am very happy I am never going to find out the answers to these questions. I am very happy to understand how it works now; you put in effort and this amazing tool that is my body will transform into a stronger, better, more powerful version of itself. It is a vicious circle: you achieved a goal you set for yourself and automatically a new goal forms.

It’s the best addiction you can have: adrenaline!



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