Style is… Part 2

Recently I read something about the Dutch style of dress. It stated that particularly Dutch women like to dress for comfort.

I ran this by the bf who nodded because he agreed with the statement, in my case anyway. That was proceeded by a chuckleĀ because I wore an insulted expression on my face.

dressed up to the nines

dressed up to the nines

As I was walking down the street today feeling particularly dressed up in my red skirt and flowery jacket, I remembered the following occasion…

It was a Wednesday. One of the days we hang out with the bf’s Little People. Because he was occupied at the last minute I had to run out and pick them up. There was no “Hey!” from them, no cuddle. Instead there were bewildered looks. And this question:

“Are you wearing Dad’s trackie dacks?”

Maybe… And maybe I do often choose comfort over style…

trackie dacks

– – –

The article this blog is based on seems to have vanished. After various Google-search attempts, it pains me to say I can’t find it, which is unfortunate as it was quite funny.


2 thoughts on “Style is… Part 2

  1. During a family get together last fall, my younger sister stated that she no longer has anything in her closet that isn’t comfortable. I told her she must go around braless because I’ve never found any bra comfortable. She just gave me her, “Oh Janet don’t be ridiculous” look.

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