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1t5s: Nudity

A while back I read this article about a naked art gallery tour.

It made me think of years ago when I was living in Lisbon and I participated in the No Pants Subway Ride. It was superscary taking of your pants in public (though the look on the face of the old lady sitting across from me was priceless!) and heaps of fun at the same time; it’s the adrenaline rush of pushing boundaries. None of my friends wanted to join in for reasons they could hardly explain to me.

There is nothing wrong with skin or armpit hair, with butt cheeks or bellybuttons or thighs, we’re all the same and we as a society need to stop implementing shame and embarrassment on to people who are comfortable with their bodies and its nakedness.

 Pantless on the news that night (me at 54sec)

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