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1t5s: on writing

I’ve been contemplating on how to make money writing for a while now. I read a blog outlining pitching ideas to publishers, magazines, etc., so I went and pitched a couple of ideas of my own (about ten so far).

Consequently I felt like a massive loser because I only got two (2) human responses – as opposed to the automatically generated ‘thank you for contacting us’ response – but nothing in terms of income has eventuated. Talking to the bf today I realised that is still pretty darn good; that’s a 20% reply rate, and if anything I should be encouraged.

My eyes are opened and today the glass is half full!

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4 thoughts on “1t5s: on writing

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  3. Jana geef eens wat uitleg bij zo’n korte titel.Wat is de bedoeling ervan? laat snel wat horen, weet ik ook waar het over gaat!!!~!~!!!

    gegroet en avé ook aan de andere(n) in huis etc enz en nog pa ook Lucluclucluclucluclucluclucluc

    Mon, 8 Jun 2015 11:26:21 +0000 To:

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