1t5s: this is hard

So I have set myself this challenge to post every day this month. How do people do it, seriously? I’m exactly halfway through today and I have missed three days already. And not for lack of wanting to or trying to, but by the time it’s six at night a thought crosses my mind: “Oh, I need to post something, but I haven’t thought of anything yet because there were sooo many other things to think about.”

I don’t like it when people say they ‘have no time’; you have time, you just choose to spend it differently.

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2 thoughts on “1t5s: this is hard

  1. Ik heb alle tijd: soms neem ik meer tijd dan dat ik doedingen te doen heb en soms meer dingen te doen dan dat ik tijd heb!
    Dus neem je tijd voor alles, morgen komt er nog een dag!

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