1t5s: on ‘And Their Ghosts May Be Heard’

I’m reading a book named¬†And Their Ghosts May Be Heard by Rupert Gerritsen. In it they are trying to prove Dutch sailors marooned in Australia more than 150 years before the Brits “colonised” terra australis incognita (unknown south land).

It is so interesting and tickles my imagination, just fantasizing about what it would have been like for those castaways arriving in Australia when nothing was known about anything Down Under. And also: the clothes, the language; they had to rebuild their lives, they would never leave, there was no going back, they were never going to let their loved ones know what happened, they simple couldn’t; a new start (for better or for worse).

The book is aiming to prove its point through linguistic evidence of the evolution of the local languages: I will have to keep reading to find out if they can.

where the castaways landed

where the castaways landed

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