Socks seem so insignificant. Yet they are so important in our day-to-day.



These are the bf’s. I currently own probably three pairs of socks. It’s winter; a girl needs to wear socks, so I wear his.

I used to be very picky about my socks. Not only did I have to wear them in matching pairs, but I also had to wear a fresh pair every day, and they had to be mine.

Then – as those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now will know – my brother and I went to Nepal.

Nepal changed a lot of things for me and within me. Not in the least my attitude towards socks (and underwear, but let’s not go there right now…) It might seem insignificant. I mean, socks. But let’s get real: every single one of us wears socks on a near daily basis.

Also, there are so many different kinds of socks. Just go to Target or Penneys or Hema or any warehouse wherever you live and have a look. So they must have some sort of importance in this world.

Today I happily wear socks that aren’t mine. I also don’t really care if I wore them yesterday or the day before or even the day before that, so long as they don’t stink they’re good to go! (And even if they do, honestly, who is going to put their nose on my socks and smell the roses?)

– – –

Still don’t know about uneven pairs though. I like my feet to feel equal.

– – –

Do you wear socks that don’t match? Do you ever wear them two days in a row?


7 thoughts on “Socks

  1. No and no! Socks must match and socks must be with their life partners. Who are we to split them up? 🙂

  2. Nope, I am like you were before Nepal, also as the chief sock washer in this house, I pair all socks on the washing line and before they are put away…and I don’t remember ever wearing a pair of socks unless they are clean out of the drawer… very a..lly reyentive…must be my Dutch genes!!!

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