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Missing Out

Not so long ago I was told by the bf that very few people in Australia have traveled the way I have.

The Nullarbor, which holds Australia's longest straight road

The Nullarbor, which holds Australia’s longest straight road

What’s more, few Australians, especially young ones, have traveled outside of their own state. They haven’t climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge or watched Uluru change colour as the sun sets or snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef or toured the Great Ocean Road.

Uluru as the sun sets

Uluru as the sun sets

I know this, because I have and many, many, many, many Australians have said:

“You have seen more of my country than I have.”

Lal Lal Falls

Lal Lal Falls in Australia

I can’t even begin to understand why that is. It seems young Australians don’t even realise what they’re missing out on. Because they are missing out.

Travelling changes your point of view, your opinions, you become a better person when you know through experience a little bit about a world that isn’t yours.

I met a girl once who said to me: “I have nothing to my name but the countries I have traveled to.” She was maybe 19. She may not have had a university degree or a career-in-the-making: she has life experiences and understandings of a world beyond her own that people who have never gone anywhere don’t have.

Centre Pompidou in France

Centre Pompidou in France

A friend from New Zealand recently said to me that she would love to backpack through Europe. But she is in Australia now and she hasn’t seen half of what it has to offer. theShe reasons she might as well see her own backyard before she goes and explores someone else’s.

I agree.

Australia, wake up and start to travel!

The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

I wonder if that is any different in Europe.

I mean, obviously distances are smaller therefore you would be hard-pressed to find a European who has never been to another country – contrary to Australia.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Still, Europeans might travel to other countries, but does that count if you don’t really take in the culture – submerge yourself? We travel to Italy or Spain, to Poland or Slovakia, but does that mean you know anything about the language or the culture?

I would assume so. I know I do. But I might very well be the exception to the rule – I don’t know.

– – –

Do you consider yourself a traveler? Do you think people who don’t travel miss out?


5 thoughts on “Missing Out

  1. wat een bofkont ben jij toch maar JanaDat je kunt vertellen en laten ervaren wat andere werelddelen ook hebben.Fantastisch!!!gegroet en avé Luc etc enz en nog jouw pa ook>…. Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 08:21:29 +0000 To:

  2. I view travel as crucial. Schedules and finances don’t allow me to travel as much as I would like, but I intend to make up for that when my nest is empty.
    I’ve seen most of my own enormous country (47 of 50 states) and a smidge of others. I’ve actually thought about writing about it for a long time.

  3. I think you are the exception to the rule!
    I also disagree and think that Australians worldwide have a reputation of being well-travelled, although you are right about one thing, we tend to go overseas because it’s cheaper than travelling within our own country. I think that Aussies are attracted to other countries because they think they are more interesting than staying here and listening to the same accent from one end of the country to the other. My Dutch relatives once said to me, they couldn’t understand why my Father had chosen to live in Australia, when Nederland has everything!!! Maybe travel is more to do with social class and education than I thought, within my circle of friends, we have all travelled extensively, but then, we are children of migrants

  4. Yes, funds are a determining factor. It seems to me too many people think it is more important to buy a house or “have security” (in case what happens?) than it is to see and understand this world.

  5. I know people here in America who have never left their own town! I understand funds are always a matter to consider, but if given the opportunity, I can’t of a reason not to travel. The world is still a big and beautiful place, despite the media and internet.
    This piece is beautifully captured in your pictures by the way.

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