Oui Depuis

First and foremost:

Welcome! Bem-vindo! Welkom! Willkomen! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!

Who am I, you ask…


I am from a European country, which doesn’t define me, but certainly gives you an idea about me – although I haven’t lived there for eight years. Throughout my life, I lived in several countries in the EU, except for when I did a cultural exchange in Brazil when I was fifteen. And I have been in Australia for over two years now.

I have a bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics – which is just a fancy term for translation (converting a written text from one language into another) for Dutch, English, Portuguese and Spanish, among others. Feel free to contact me if you need something translated (also other languages than the aforementioned.)

I write, because my mind never stops.

What’s happening, you ask…

I have been working on improving my blog and transforming it to represent me – a business card if you like. I have changed a lot about it and I am sure that will never stop, as the internet never stops. Life is after all an experiment and you’ll never know if you get it right.

I am also currently translating a book about a Dutch family who migrated to Australia in the 1960’s. I am personally enjoying it very much. You can check out its Facebook-page for more information.

The other thing I am working on as well is the translation of my great great uncle’s life story to English. Henri Rutten was a missionary at the beginning of the 20th century and he was brutally slaughtered on his post in Papua New Guinea. For more information, click here.

I’m in the very early stages of writing my very first book, which is not easy but we soldier on! I hope to be able to share more on that soon.

You can also like me on Facebook. And have a look at some of the traveling I did. For motion pictures, go to my YouTube-channel