Photo Project World

I started my Photo Project “World” in Vietnam. There was just so much to see that I wanted to share with images as opposed to words. Some of those things would have been quite incomprehensible if you don’t see them with your own eyes.

When I subsequently arrived in Australia it was not so different from home, but then again it is. It’s all in the small things. My initial project to upload a blog with all these photos every week turned out to be too hard, especially when we stayed in Harrietville for four months and nothing much changed.

Now I feel like there will be things to share with you once more. It is still in the small things, the everyday – though when you think about it the mundane is not so mundane at all. Consider this:

What you see on a daily basis might not hold any surprises for you anymore… Until you look at it from someone else’s perspective, be that your 80-year-old auntie, a tourist visiting from another city or country or your neighbour who lives in the same building but isn’t you and therefore has a different perspective.

Get the full picture (pun intended) HERE.

Please drop me a line if you would like to share your everydayness!