And Everything Else

Happiness is…

Someone genuinely good at heart!

One of the guests at the lodge I manage was reading a book I was interested in reading too. So when he came back to the lodge the second time I asked if he had it with him. He hadn’t, but he said he would post it out to me.

He left and life went on.

Until I went to the post office to mail a letter and there was a package waiting for me. Square and wrapped in some kind of supermarket advertisement and the address was very basic.


Curious (unsurprisingly), I ran back to the lodge and tore of the paper…

It was The Book!


It came with this letter. I don’t have words to describe how nice, sweet, sincere and good this person is to just send a total stranger something so expensive and says:

Leave it @ Karnalurra (…) I’ll know where it is if I want to read it again


So I am asking all the guests of Karnalurra to respect this book and enjoy it!


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